Export Control

Welcome to the Export Control section of the ORS website.  The intent of Mississippi State University (MSU) is operate in a free and public environment with respect to research and teaching.  MSU seeks to conduct research and provide knowledge without any hindrance to dissemination and publication.  MSU recognizes that this free and public environment can berestricted by Federal laws and regulations especially those pertaining to export control.  MSU is committed to observing and following all applicable laws and regulations with respect to export control as stated in the MSU Export Control Commitment letter issued and signed by Dr. David Shaw.

This website section has wealth of information and links to all aspects of the export control arena.  Export control is not an easy subject to understand and apply.  Export control unfortunately is not a subject that can be satisfied with a simple answer but one that contains many variables and shades of gray.

If you have any questions or need assistance do not hesitate to contact the Office of Research Security.