Laptop Loan Program

The Office of Research Security (ORS) Laptop Loan program (LLP) provides “clean” laptop computer units to MSU personnel on MSU funded/sponsored travel.  “Clean” laptops are units that have no stored information residing in the unit’s memory other than that needed for the unit’s operating system and basic programming.  Units available are either Lenovo X-230 Thinkpads or Dell Latitude E7270 UltraBooks.  No repeat no Apple units are available in the Laptop Loan Program.
The loaner units have a full disc PGP encryption program installed as well as basic programming; Windows Operating System, Windows Office, Adobe Acrobat.  The units also have a wireless internet card.  Any additional program needed must be added by the individual obtaining the loaner unit.  All units are re-programmed upon return to ORS.
ORS requires a 2 week notice to reserve a loaner unit.  This is to allow for scheduling and to ensure we can provide loner unit opportunities for all.  Anything less than a 2 week reservation notification has the strong possibility of being rejected.  It is also requested that all units be returned promptly to ORS upon your return from travel in order to make the units available for others.
All units will be picked up and returned to the ORS office in the Portera High Performance Computer Center, room 110 which is located in the Thad Cochran Research & Technology Park.  Please contact Ms Veronika Jelinkova, e-mail – or telephone 662-325-7190 to reserve a unit.